Words from Task Force chairperson Laurence Go

Laurence Go


Before you judge me for saying that, let me tell you what it really means.

W.T.F. = We’re Task Force.

Normally, I wouldn’t have to say or reiterate that we are the Task Force committee. But for this semester, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Task Force ’10: Thea, Kim, KevinG, Dhiren, Jo, RJ, Misha, Mark, Myra, Hazel, Jess, AC, Norika, Elwin, Ralph, Kenna, Kenneth, Jeremae, KevinE, Horace, Avril, Irene, Geoff, Gilbert, Alex, Bing, Mik, Trixie, Angeli, Simone, Von, Cathy, Pai, Ryan, Faye!

Ecosoc, this is the team that will revive, redefine and revolutionize the Task Force we all know. This is the team of many firsts: the first to have a vision for the future TF teams, the first to have a scholar-centered event, the first that will reach the P200,000 mark and the first to have a “simulation” for its members. And I am very proud to be part of this team of firsts.

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Scholar of the Week: Jonathan

Jonathan Baduria

Birthday: March 15, 1994
High school: Balara High School
Level: 2nd year
Ecosoc guardian: Angeli Juani

Behind Jonathan’s glasses is a mind that constantly quests for knowledge. As such, it’s only fitting that he is interested in astronomy; in particular, he hopes to be able to someday discover planets. In the meantime however, he enjoys regular activities that kids his age enjoy, such as basketball. He is a fan of Parokya ni Edgar and the Underworld film series.

A scholar since last year, he hopes to attend the University of Asia and the Pacific because it is, according to him, the “pinakamagandang school.”

Scholar of the Week: Seann

Sean Chester Vicente

Birthday: August 10, 1997
High school: New Era University
Level: 2nd year
Ecosoc guardian: Kat Crisostomo

Quiet and jolly, this sophomore likes to read science books. He has been an Ecosoc scholar since last year. He says he’s not yet sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but we’re all sure he will go on to reach great heights.

We wish Seann the best of luck in his endeavors. Stay happy Seann!

Scholar of the Week: Justin

Justin Mercado

Birthday: July 16, 1994
High school: Don Quintin Paredes High School
Level: 4th year
Ecosoc guardian: Lia Pablo

This scholar is an animal-lover; in fact, he dreams of becoming a veterinarian someday. He likes dogs—Akita Inus, in particular. Among his other interests are playing basketball and computer games. He is a fan of rock music and one of his favorite movies is Click.

Justin has been an Ecosoc scholar for two years. He had taken the UPCAT, and he hopes to enter the University of the Philippines. We wish him all the best as he pursues his passion for animal medicine.

Scholar of the Week: Anjeanette

Anjeanette Ronguillo

Birthday: January 4, 1995
High school: Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel, Bulacan
Level: 4th year
Ecosoc guardian: Hannah Manalili

Anjeanette is shy around strangers, but don’t let it fool you. Fond of singing, she is interested in tourism and dreams of being a stewardess. Among her favorite songs are “Bedtime” and “On Bended Knees,” and one of her favorite movies is House of Wax.

She has been an Ecosoc scholar for two years. Having just taken the UPCAT, Anjeanette hopes to study in the University of the Philippines, the home of Ecosoc.

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Scholar of the Week: Kevin

Kevin de los Santos

Birthday: August 17, 1996
High school: Ramon Magsaysay High School, Cubao
Level: 2nd year
Ecosoc guardian: Faye Ferrer

A fun-loving and artistic person, Kevin also bears an intellectual mind for he dreams of becoming a computer engineer. According to him, he hopes to create “more advanced technology.” He is a fan of the Eraserheads, and one of his favorite movies is Urban Legends. Besides this, he also enjoys playing the computer game DotA and drawing.

Kevin has been a scholar since last year. We wish him all the luck chasing his passions, and a belated happy 14th birthday!

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