Words from Task Force chairperson Laurence Go

Laurence Go


Before you judge me for saying that, let me tell you what it really means.

W.T.F. = We’re Task Force.

Normally, I wouldn’t have to say or reiterate that we are the Task Force committee. But for this semester, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Task Force ’10: Thea, Kim, KevinG, Dhiren, Jo, RJ, Misha, Mark, Myra, Hazel, Jess, AC, Norika, Elwin, Ralph, Kenna, Kenneth, Jeremae, KevinE, Horace, Avril, Irene, Geoff, Gilbert, Alex, Bing, Mik, Trixie, Angeli, Simone, Von, Cathy, Pai, Ryan, Faye!

Ecosoc, this is the team that will revive, redefine and revolutionize the Task Force we all know. This is the team of many firsts: the first to have a vision for the future TF teams, the first to have a scholar-centered event, the first that will reach the P200,000 mark and the first to have a “simulation” for its members. And I am very proud to be part of this team of firsts.

“Best ever. To be the best.”

Valid claims, yes; but unfortunately, our goal this semester is not to be the best. Being the best entails comparing oneself with others who are inferior. Is this really what we want ourselves to be? No. We are better than wanting to be the best. It is not our goal to be the best. Instead, we desire to be in a league of our own, sans any comparison to anybody. In an altogether different league, we challenge ourselves to define our own standards—without reference to what we have done, what others have done,and what others are doing.

That is why, for this semester, the whole team created the first-ever vision for Task Force: to be a socially relevant committee composed of competent, highly-skilled members that actively and progressively support the Society’s scholars, becoming a source of inspiration and pride for Ecosocers.

In order to understand that, it would be best to dissect it into its components. First, a “committee composed of competent and highly-skilled members”—this is possible through the trainings, workshops, and jobs that the members are continuously exposed to. Second, “actively and progressively support the Society’s scholars”—this is our raison d’etre, the reason for our existence. Lastly, we are a “socially relevant committee that shall become a source of inspiration and pride for Ecosocers”—we do not exist solely for ourselves; we work in order to serve as proof that we can do what we want and at the same time, do something relevant for others. It is our hope that Task Force becomes an instrument of Ecosoc to further its socio-civic nature. Ultimately, we want to inspire others to do the same—not only by being part of Task Force (the committee or its activities), but by doing something socio-civic in their own way. This is the vision that we push forth—the vision that we want to share with you, and the vision that you are now a part of.

WTF. We are Task Force. Not the best, but the one and only Task Force of Ecosoc. This semester, we aim to share this pride with all of Ecosoc. You may not be part of Task Force, but we hope to inspire you with what we do, which is what Ecosoc stands for— socio-civic.

Indeed, nobody does socio-civic like the Task Force Committee.

WTF! We are Task Force, and May the (Task)Force be with You!


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