DADs strategize at overnight plansem

TF officers in deep discussion

Last Friday to Saturday, the Task Force directors and assistant directors (DADs) spent the night at the Gavieta residence for their planning seminar, aimed at gearing the team up for the coming semester.

After eating a delicious dinner sponsored by the Gavieta family, the committee set out to draft a comprehensive mission/vision statement, as well as to list down its goals and projects for the semester. The arduous process, wherein all DADs voiced out their opinions and suggestions, stretched out until the dawn. When productivity began to dwindle, Task Force chairperson Laurence Go called it a night.

The team then unwound by watching television and, in turns, taking showers. It wasn’t long before exhaustion took over and everyone fell asleep.

The next morning, the Gavietas again provided the team with a meal—breakfast—after which the DADs proceeded to finalize what was discussed the previous night. The mission/vision statements, in particular, can be found here. Assignments were also given out to the different departments so that they may get an early start with their tasks.

After a few hours, the Task Force planning seminar finally came to an end and everyone, after thanking the Gavieta family, made their way home.


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