TF undergoes TBS

Goofing around after TBS

Yesterday, the Task Force committee held its Team Building Seminar at SE 123 from 8:30am to 4pm. In the morning, the committee’s directors, assistant directors, and members listened to talks from esteemed speakers. Task Force co-chairperson Thea Bautista gave the introduction, followed by a talk on Logistics by Raymond Zabala. This covered a broad range of logistical concerns both before and during the event itself.

The next was a talk on Marketing by Chin Tubianosa, a professor at the College of Business Administration. Called a “crash course” by Ms. Tubianosa, it covered topics such as the definition of marketing, brand equity, and the marketing mix.

Former Task Force chairperson Mykel Sampan followed, talking about his experiences with organizing Musikapella IV back in 2008.

The last segment was a talk on Promotions by fresh graduate Farrah Rodriguez, which covered topics such as the elements of promotion, the types of promotion, and tips on drafting a promotions plan. She incorporated her experiences as an intern into the talk, as well as some samples of her work. These included the mascot Ben Tulin and a commercial for Natasha.

Winning smiles: (L-R) Faye, Avril, Irene, and Jeremae

Lunch, which was chicken fillet and beef, was served during Ms. Rodriguez’s talk.

After the talks, the Task Force committee was divided into five groups for the simulation challenge. These groups were tasked to create a feasible project proposal that Task Force can adopt in the near future. The groups must present their proposals at the first Task Force general assembly on July 6; the group with the best proposal will receive a prize.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered at the back parking for some team building games. The first was a round of dodgeball, followed by a game where all the Task Force members were blindfolded and were tasked to spell out “UP Economics Society Task Force Committee” without two or more persons simultaneously shouting out a letter.

Finally, a UP-wide amazing race concluded the TBS. Stations were manned by the five Task Force directors, and the winning team was composed of Irene Arzadon, Avril Bries, Faye Ferrer, and Jeremae Soliman.


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