Simulation winners, TF shirts

The team of Scholars 360° (L-R): Dhiren, Ryan, Irene, Misha, and Geoff. (Not in picture: Elwin)

Today’s general assembly began with a game of modified charades, where instead one person acting and the rest guessing, everyone acted while one person guessed.

Next, Task Force chairperson Laurence Go and co-chairperson Thea Bautista awarded the group with the best project proposal in the simulation contest. The winning team was headed by Irene Arzadon and composed of Geoffrey Bautista, Misha de Jesus, Ryan Malit, Dhiren Karnani, and Elwin Ramos. Their project, entitled Scholars 360°, aimed to encourage the scholars’ participation in extra-curricular activities.

For their efforts, the team will win a free dinner sponsored by Laurence.

WTF!: We're Task Force!

Afterwards, Laurence and Thea, along with the Task Force directors and assistant directors (DADs ) surprised the whole team with free Task Force shirts, which read “WTF! (We’re Task Force)” on the front, while the back had all the names of the members forming the number 10. The shirts, paid for by Laurence and the DADs and designed by Laurence and publicity director Kenneth Reyes, were given to the enthusiastic members in personalized brown envelopes.


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