‘Grand Vision’ laid out

Laurence explains his Grand Vision

Yesterday’s general assembly (GA) began with a game wherein teams had to connect two Task Force members using varying degrees of separation. Some they had to connect using as much as 10 different people, while some they had to connect directly.

Afterwards, during the round of updates from the different departments, Logistics presented a video containing footage of the new tentative venue, Crossroad77 Convernarium. The video was taken during an ocular visit last week. Elsewhere, Marketing and Publicity listed the approval of 3 sponsors and 8 media partners, respectively; Sales reported a current profit of P29,000 in fundraisers; and External Relations announced the confirmation of 5 participating schools.

To close the GA, chairperson Laurence Go laid out his “grand vision” for this semester’s Task Force team, which is to fill the Convernarium’s 2,000-plus seating capacity and be the first Task Force whose profit will reach—and pass—the P200,000 mark. He stressed that even though he believes in his members’ individual skills, teamwork is still needed to make this vision possible. He therefore encouraged everyone to help out, even in departments they don’t belong to.


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