The New Task Force Logo

Task Force logo beginning 2010

This semester, Task Force, as part of its general overhaul of the committee, unveiled a new logo. The design features the pages of an open book, the center spread of which forms the letters T and F.

The book logo, designed by publicity director Kenneth Reyes with supervision from chairperson Laurence Go, aims to stay truer to Task Force’s core purpose of raising funds for the Ecosoc scholars. The importance of education is represented by the book, while the circle surrounding it speaks of sustainable fundraising.

Work on the logo was a long and arduous process, taking 50 days to create (beginning April 29) and leaving around 80 rejected designs and variations.

Previous Task Force logos include one from 2005, one from 2008, and another from 2009. It is hoped that the new book logo will finally standardize the Task Force brand in the years to come.


2 Responses to The New Task Force Logo

  1. Laurence says:

    wow! it’s the first time i saw the 2005 logo! :)) where’d you get it kenneth?

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