TF welcomes interns

Meet the interns (L-R): Ayla, Justine, Stef, Shella, and Yasmin

As part of the UP Economics Society application process, applicants are required to intern in a committee besides their own. Of the 50 total applicants this semester, the ones who chose Task Force are Louie, Ella, Josiah Bagayas, Justine Bernabe, Ayla Reyes, Yasmin Sehob, Stefanie Su, and Shelly Umali. A big TF welcome to all of you!

They will be helping out in the various tasks of the different committees. To maximize the work experience they can gain, the interns’ assigned department will change every few weeks, depending on where their help is more needed. For the next three weeks, they are assigned to assist Marketing and External Relations, followed by Sales, and finally, Publicity and Logistics.


2 Responses to TF welcomes interns

  1. Laurence says:

    welcome interns! 🙂

  2. Hazel says:

    aww. they’re so cute. :)) welcome! yaaay!

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