Serial: Episode 5

A chance meeting leads to another confrontation.


Serial: Episode 4

Watch the next episode of the Musikapella V serial here!

Serial: Episode 3

The serials continue. Watch the third episode here!

Serial: Episode 2

The second episode of the Musikapella V serial premiered tonight. Watch it now!

Web serials

The Task Force team is a team of pioneers. As such, the Publicity team proudly presents to you the first episode of a weekly web serial, the first of its kind in Ecosoc. Follow Adrian and Sarah as they find modern romance in Metro Manila.

The videos shall be uploaded in the Musikapella V Facebook page and on the Task Force YouTube channel every Wednesday night.

Teaser videos

Last night, a new Musikapella V teaser video was released online. The first one, premiering on Facebook last July 2, was a nostalgic montage featuring some of the most prominent Filipino artists and bands from the past five decades, set against “Abot Kamay” by Orange and Lemons.

The new teaser video, uploaded simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook, features the world’s first sock puppet a cappella group, with music from the Bystanders.

Watch out for more!