TF holds Musikapella orientation

The guidelines were flashed on the screen

Today, the Task Force committee held the Musikapella orientation at the UP School of Economics from 1pm to 4pm. Led by hosts Logistics assistant director Dhiren Karnani and External Relations director Simone Carpio, representatives of the competing  schools were informed about the rules and regulations of the competition. Afterwards, the contest piece, a mash-up of “Awit ng Kabataan” by Rivermaya and “Kabataang Pinoy” by Itchyworms, was discussed by arranger Emmanuel P. de Leon, Jr., who answered questions regarding its tempo, percussions, and the like.

The school representatives were then asked to submit their requirements one-by-one. They also drew ballots to determine their performance order in Musikapella. Snacks provided by Greenwich were served during this process. They were also given kits containing a Musikapella primer with all the contest rules.


Bowling at GS day

Ecosoc scholars (L-R): Seann, Jonathan, and Kevin

Yesterday, the Task Force committee held a guardian-scholar day entitled Bowling with the Scholars. Held at the Alumni Center from 4pm to 6pm, it allowed Ecosoc members and applicants to interact with the Ecosoc scholars. Various food such as donuts and chicharon, as well as drinks, were brought by different Ecosoc committees.

The event ended with the presentation of special awards. Five of the seven scholars were present: Jonathan Baduria, Kevin de los Santos, Justin Mercado, Anjeanette Ronguillo, and Seann Vicente.

Interns undergo marketing boot camp

Interns learn about marketing

Earlier today, the Task Force interns underwent a crash course on Marketing presided by Marketing director Hazel Sumampong, along with her members. They began with a game wherein they were given a tagline and they had to name what company owns it. Next, everyone was asked to create a tagline for his/herself.

When the ice was broken, Hazel proceeded to discuss the art of marketing, including the proper procedures one must abide by. Additionally, she brought up specific situations the interns might run into and how to best deal with them. A simulation followed in order to ensure that they can apply what they were taught. They were also given brochures containing the guidelines so they can review them later on.

TF welcomes interns

Meet the interns (L-R): Ayla, Justine, Stef, Shella, and Yasmin

As part of the UP Economics Society application process, applicants are required to intern in a committee besides their own. Of the 50 total applicants this semester, the ones who chose Task Force are Louie, Ella, Josiah Bagayas, Justine Bernabe, Ayla Reyes, Yasmin Sehob, Stefanie Su, and Shelly Umali. A big TF welcome to all of you!

They will be helping out in the various tasks of the different committees. To maximize the work experience they can gain, the interns’ assigned department will change every few weeks, depending on where their help is more needed. For the next three weeks, they are assigned to assist Marketing and External Relations, followed by Sales, and finally, Publicity and Logistics.

Venue and date set for Musikapella V

TF's ocular visit to the Convenarium

Last week, a down payment was placed for the reservation of the Convenarium on October 2, formalizing the official venue and date for Musikapella V. Owned and operated by Crossroad77, the multi-purpose theater seats more than 2,000 people—perfect for the expected audience that will attend the fifth installment of Ecosoc’s chorale competition. It also features an array of spacious dressing rooms, ensuring the privacy and comfort of the contestants.

Logistics director Karen Orticio, along with Logistics assistant director Dhiren Karnani and Publicity assistant director Jeremae Soliman, made an ocular visit to the site last July 16. It was during this visit that they found the venue to be most adequate for Musikapella V.

The Convernarium is located at 77 Mother Ignacia Ave. cor. Scout Reyes St., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City.

‘Grand Vision’ laid out

Laurence explains his Grand Vision

Yesterday’s general assembly (GA) began with a game wherein teams had to connect two Task Force members using varying degrees of separation. Some they had to connect using as much as 10 different people, while some they had to connect directly.

Afterwards, during the round of updates from the different departments, Logistics presented a video containing footage of the new tentative venue, Crossroad77 Convernarium. The video was taken during an ocular visit last week. Elsewhere, Marketing and Publicity listed the approval of 3 sponsors and 8 media partners, respectively; Sales reported a current profit of P29,000 in fundraisers; and External Relations announced the confirmation of 5 participating schools.

To close the GA, chairperson Laurence Go laid out his “grand vision” for this semester’s Task Force team, which is to fill the Convernarium’s 2,000-plus seating capacity and be the first Task Force whose profit will reach—and pass—the P200,000 mark. He stressed that even though he believes in his members’ individual skills, teamwork is still needed to make this vision possible. He therefore encouraged everyone to help out, even in departments they don’t belong to.

Simulation winners, TF shirts

The team of Scholars 360° (L-R): Dhiren, Ryan, Irene, Misha, and Geoff. (Not in picture: Elwin)

Today’s general assembly began with a game of modified charades, where instead one person acting and the rest guessing, everyone acted while one person guessed.

Next, Task Force chairperson Laurence Go and co-chairperson Thea Bautista awarded the group with the best project proposal in the simulation contest. The winning team was headed by Irene Arzadon and composed of Geoffrey Bautista, Misha de Jesus, Ryan Malit, Dhiren Karnani, and Elwin Ramos. Their project, entitled Scholars 360°, aimed to encourage the scholars’ participation in extra-curricular activities.

For their efforts, the team will win a free dinner sponsored by Laurence.

WTF!: We're Task Force!

Afterwards, Laurence and Thea, along with the Task Force directors and assistant directors (DADs ) surprised the whole team with free Task Force shirts, which read “WTF! (We’re Task Force)” on the front, while the back had all the names of the members forming the number 10. The shirts, paid for by Laurence and the DADs and designed by Laurence and publicity director Kenneth Reyes, were given to the enthusiastic members in personalized brown envelopes.